Hong Kong pop star Gillian Chung announces engagement

Congratulations to Gillian Chung!

The Hong Kong pop star has just announced her engagement to her Taiwanese doctor boyfriend on her social media accounts.

The Twins singer posted a picture of her diamond engagement ring on her Instagram on Wednesday (Jan 31) and tagged her fiance, writing in Chinese, “Next station, Happiness.”

In her Weibo, she added, “This is the best birthday present for me. Thank you for your love. Next station, Happiness.” Chung had just turned 37 on Jan 21.

Hong Kong pop star Gillian Chung engagement ring Taiwanese doctor Michael Lai

Hong Kong pop star Gillian Chung shows off her diamond engagement ring. Photo: Instagram

Her fiance is a 32-year-old Taiwanese doctor named Michael Lai, whom she started dating in the middle of last year. The handsome healthcare professional is known as the Sunny Wang of the Medical World. (Sunny Wang is an Taiwanese-American actor.) He works at beauty clinic Beaute J’adore, which us run by actress Tammy Chen’s husband Dr. Hsueh Po-ren.

The romance developed when Chung had to spend a few months in Taipei filming a web drama titled Tree In The River.

Their relationship was first reported in October after Lai was seen going to Chung’s house when she returned to Hong Kong. When queried by reporters during the launch of Twins’ latest album, Chung openly acknowledged her relationship with Lai although they had been dating for only three months.

This will be Chung’s first marriage. Lai, on the other hand, was previously married to a stewardess and blogger named Ivy Chao who was well-known as an Ariel Lin-lookalike. His short-lived marriage in 2016 lasted only six months. (Ariel Lin is a Taiwanese actress.)

Meanwhile, the other half of Twins Charlene Choi also posted a series of new pictures of Twins on her Instagram and tagged Chung, with the message, “Thousands of unspoken words deep in our hearts. #loveyouforever”

Chung brought Lai along to attend Choi’s 35th birthday celebration in Hong Kong on November 22 last year, and he reportedly got along very well with all her celebrity friends (from Emperor Entertainment Group).

Fans have left congratulatory messages on both their Instagram accounts, with many urging him to treat her well.

Hong Kong pop star Gillian Chung announced her engagement to Taiwanese doctor Michael Lai. Photo: Instagram

Hong Kong pop star Gillian Chung announced her engagement to Taiwanese doctor Michael Lai. Photo: Instagram